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10 essential tips for traveling to Sri Lanka

With this selection of Tips for traveling to Sri Lanka We want to facilitate, as far as possible, your trip to this amazing country as well as answering some of the most frequent questions. With a fascinating culture, impressive archeological sites, dreamlike landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and incredible people, Sri Lanka is one of the most unknown countries in the world at the same time it has become in recent times and thanks to Instagram in one of the Most visited.

After our experience touring it on the trip to Sri Lanka and Maldives during which we met all the tourist places of the country, we want to leave you 10 essential tips for traveling to Sri Lanka. We start!

1. What is the best time?

Although currently and unfortunately due to climate change, the weather is unpredictable, in general we can determine the best time for a trip to Sri Lanka.

High season (from December to March): these are the driest months of the year and therefore the busiest in the country and those with the highest prices.
Mid season (April and September and November): it is usually good weather throughout the country and although it may rain in some areas, prices are much tighter than in high season.
Low season (from May to August): during these months the monsoon affects the southern and western coasts as well as the Highlands area. Although the rains are not usually continuous it is worth taking into account.

It is highly recommended if you are going to travel in high season and visit the tourist places, book flights, accommodation and transportation in advance to have more options and the best prices.

2. Security

In April 2019, Sri Lanka suffered the greatest attack since the Civil War ended in 2009 and the country opened to tourism. Different explosions in Colombo, in luxury hotels and Christian churches left almost 300 dead and more than 500 wounded.
After this terrible episode, the authorities have increased security, especially in the most tourist places and although it is impossible to say that it will not happen again, we currently and always from our perspective, we believe that it is safe to travel to Sri Lanka in these moments and more if you are going to move around the tourist places.

In the same way, it should be taken into account that outside the most tourist areas, it is important to check how safety is and, as in any other destination in the world, travel with common sense, avoiding carrying valuables in areas that you do not know, walking through the night if you go alone or leave your belongings unattended.
In addition to this, it may always be advisable to ask at the accommodation if there is any area nearby to avoid so that your trip to Sri Lanka is as incredible as possible and without any setback.

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If you feel like helping us expand the list 10 essential tips for traveling to Sri Lanka, add yours in the comments.