Big Buddha of Leshan - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

Leshan's Great Buddha

Day 12: Chengdu - Big Buddha of Leshan - Chengdu

We take a taxi at the door of the hotel and arrive at Zinnamen station in 10 minutes for 8RMB.
There we go straight to the ticket office and ask for a couple of tickets for the Leshan's Great Buddha They give us paying 45RMB per person and at 8:20 we leave for the Leshan's Great Buddha, another of the great reasons to make this trip to China for free.
We arrived at Leshan station at 10:20 in the morning and as soon as we got off we already see a cartel that points to a minibus with the photo of the Great Buddha, where we are told to ride 5RMB per person.
We are only 5 kilometers from the entrance to Leshan's Great Buddha, so it took us a little more than 15 minutes.
Another good option to visit the Great Buddha of Leshan from Chengdu is to book this excursion with a guide in Spanish where you will be picked up at your hotel.

As soon as we arrive we walk 20 meters and we find the ticket offices to enter the entire scenic area of ​​the Great Buddha, since here we will not only see the great Buddha of Leshan, but also a series of stone Buddha carvings and temples, which they are, if possible, as incredible as the Giant Buddha himself.
Tickets cost 170RMB, but we show the student cards and they charge us 100, so this time we have to say that we have succeeded 😉
We enter the premises at 10:45 in the morning, much earlier than expected, with a time that already announces that we are moving towards the south of the country and therefore the heat comes.
As we enter we see that we have entered the southern area, the best way without wanting to, and that is how we can see the whole complex before reaching the Leshan's Great Buddha, the icing on the cake.
As soon as we entered, we found ourselves, unknowingly, with a 170-meter lying Buddha that leaves us, as soon as we entered with our mouths open, and we had read a lot about the Leshan's Great Buddha, but practically nothing, or rather nothing about the rest of places that we could see if we entered through this door of the Leshan's Big Buddha Park.