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10 essential tips for traveling to Mexico

This list of tips for traveling to Mexico It will help you organize your trip and above all, save time and headaches, by showing you in an easy and fast way the basic recommendations so that your trip is incredible and you enjoy it to the fullest.
Whether it's a route through its colonial cities, an itinerary through the Yucatan Peninsula, a tour of the archaeological sites or a combination of everything, we assure you that Mexico will make you fall in love at the moment you set foot on its lands and from there, you will only dream of returning.

Based on our trip to Mexico in 45 days, we leave you the ones that are for us, the best tips for traveling to Mexico. We start!

1. What is the best time?

Although it is always a good time for a trip to Mexico, depending on the type of activities or above all, if you are looking for the best weather, it is worth contemplating some recommendations:

  • High season (from December to April): these are the driest months in most of the country and the least hot, so they are also the best to make this trip.
  • Mid season (July and August): Although it is usually very hot, especially on the coast, this is the holiday period of many locals and foreigners, so tourist areas are usually full and prices are significantly higher.
  • Low season (May and June and from September to November): these months of the year are the most delicate since September and October are usually times of hurricanes and May and June, the hottest months in many areas of the country.

2. Security in Mexico

The safety when traveling to Mexico It is one of the largest barriers that we put on and put us at the time of raising this destination and more if you want to explore it for free. Before going a little deeper, we want to start by saying that fortunately, Mexico is much more than you can read in the newspapers, watch on TV or what a friend who heard you heard happened to a cousin from a neighbor. And although in Mexico there are problems and in many cases violence and insecurity, it is not normally related to tourists, so if your trip falls within the usual tourist route and you follow the basic tips that you would follow in any other country, we are sure that you will forget about this topic as soon as you visit the first city.
Regardless of this, as always it is good to be cautious, so we advise you not to bring many valuables in sight, do not go at night for places you do not know and always, ask in the accommodation what areas of the city are not Recommended not to tempt fate.

You can find much more information and details on this subject, after our experience traveling for 1 month and a half through the country, in the post Security in Mexico.


If you feel like helping us expand the list 10 essential tips for traveling to Mexico, add yours in the comments.