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Momondo as a flight search engine

Moved by one of our greatest passions, traveling, we are on many occasions looking for and comparing different flight search engines, with the hope of finding one that shows options that allow us to save a few euros and facilitate the time of flight selection.
And in these searches we have found the Momondo flight search engine, a website that has everything we need to become our new favorite tool to find cheap flights.

Momondo as a flight search engine

The flight search engine not only allows us to do the usual flight searches, but also allows us to make a selection depending on whether we want direct flights or want to include nearby airports. The latter, a very valid option when we want to include low-cost companies, some of which operate in secondary airports and would not be reflected if we select the main airport.
An example would be to search for flights from Barcelona to Milan, in this search, if we did not include the selection of nearby airports, we would exclude the possibility of including Girona airport (1 hour from Barcelona and with good connections between both airports, from which there are several flights a day to Milan at really competitive prices.

Possibility of selecting secondary airports and direct flights

After performing the search and obtaining the results, one of the options we like most about Momondo is the price calendar shown.
With this you can visualize the prices by date without having to return again and again to the initial search process to try options.
This saves us a lot of time and gives us an overview of how prices are on the days we want to travel.

Pricing calendar

Other options that allow us to make the flight search is to generate a price alert through which every time there is a modification or an offer on the selected itinerary, Momondo will send you an email with the new offer. Another option that saves you a lot of time since you don't have to be entering every day to consult.
One of the things that has attracted our attention and most have captivated us about this flight search engine is the possibility of clicking on any of the flights that appear in your search and as it shows all the respective information of suitcases, payment rates according to the page you choose to book, price per seat choice ... This is a way to avoid surprises once the reservation process is greatly appreciated.

All information of the selected flight

Once you have selected the option that we consider most valid, the flight search engine takes you to the page where the selected flight was found and from there you can finalize the reservation.
You only have to receive the confirmation email and you will have your next flight in your hands.