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The best travel insurance for Thailand of 2019

What is the best travel insurance for Thailand of 2019? This is one of the questions you ask us most about after having returned to the Country of Smiles Very recently and having published the travel guide to Thailand in which we place special emphasis on the need to always travel with the best travel insurance.

Although Thailand is not an excessively expensive country, neither in terms of health, such as the US or Japan, do not forget that the best travel companion is good insurance, since one of the most important things is to have good health care if necessary and for that, nothing better than having the best travel insurance for Thailand of 2019.
Taking this into account with this post, we want to make this search a bit easier, giving you all the details and reasons why we have been traveling with Mondo for years, having tried other options and how this has become our Guardian angel and for us, the best travel insurance on the market.

Although initially it may seem simple, we assure you that take out travel insurance In many occasions it is not an easy task. So that this does not take you much time and above all, know what details you should look at, we explain with examples, some of the things to consider during the search, so that you are clear about the best option and above all, which is the safe to travel to Thailand that best suits your needs.

  • Which insurance company do I choose ?: This is one of the most important points at the time of the selection of your insurance since depending on what your choice is, this will be your travel insurance to Thailand.
  • Coverage: In addition to the previous point, you have to take into account and very clear what are the coverage that includes the policy you want to hire and especially if they fit your needs and your trip. As we mentioned initially, although Thailand is not precisely known for being an expensive country, having the best services if necessary may represent a lifetime mortgage. Do not forget!.
    In this case, with Mondo you make sure you have extensive sanitary coverage and incredibly professional customer service, two things for which for us, it becomes the best travel insurance for Thailand of 2019.
  • Will I have to advance money if something happens to me ?: This is one of the most important points and at the same time, one of those that is often overlooked. You cannot forget that sometimes there are travel insurances that, even if they reimburse you after the amount of the assistance, it will be you who must advance it and then present all the documentation so that they can return that money to you.
    With Mondo you should never advance money, you should only call them in case you need any assistance and they will take care of everything, without you having to pay a penny.
  • Contact and assistance data: Something very important is to be clear from the beginning what are the contact details and travel insurance assistance. With Mondo in addition to the data provided with the policy, you can download an innovative application, which we will talk about later, which is a revolution in the world of travel insurance, with which you will have everything you could need in a just click Plus, call them for free from anywhere in the world!.
  • Language: Although it may seem unnecessary, unless you speak English very well, if necessary, it is essential that you safe for Thailand count on assistance in your language or an interpreter.
  • Insurance amount: We will never get tired of saying that health is priceless, although we fully understand that the travel insurance price It is something to keep in mind and that often tilts the balance to one side or the other. It is for this reason that we always recommend cheap travel insurance but at the same time, include the best coverage in the market.
  • In this case with Mondo, the best insurance to travel to Thailand, this aspect will be only a minimum% of the total budget and also, just for being our reader, You will have a 5% discount.