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10 essential tips for traveling to Italy

This guide of tips for traveling to Italy It is essential not to miss anything and make the most of time in one of the most incredible countries in the world.
Country that has absolutely everything, Italy can boast of having a great history as well as large archaeological sites from the Roman Empire and numerous masterpieces in painting and sculpture, among the most valuable in the world. In addition to all this, a route through the country will allow you to know medieval villages frozen in time and other more picturesque located between cliffs, cities with old town that look like open-air museums, fantastic landscapes of vineyard valleys and sunflowers combined with others from Alpine mountains and lakes.
And if all this was still not enough to convince you, we will tell you that a travel to Italia It is a real pleasure for the palate thanks to its extensive and varied cuisine based on products of the highest quality.

Based on the many trips we have made to this country, the last one we spent more than a month living in the Trastevere in Rome, during which we wrote this travel guide to Rome, we have made this selection of those we believe, are the 10 essential tips for traveling to Italy.We start!

1. What is the best time?

The best time for Travel to Italy they are the seasons of spring and autumn, when the weather is more pleasant, the prices are not so high, the colors of the landscapes reach their maximum splendor and there is not so much tourist crowding in their most famous places.
From mid-June to mid-September is when the high season begins, during which there is a significant price increase, which is consistent with the rise in temperatures and the number of tourists in the country. Despite this, summer can be a good time for those looking for the beach or hiking trails in the colder regions of northern Italy.
Instead, winter is perfect for visiting tourist attractions with fewer people and finding better prices in the most visited cities in Italy like Rome, Florence or Venice although you you risk that the weather is not as sunny as you would like.

2. Entry requirements and travel insurance

For Travel to ItalyIf you are Spanish or a citizen of the European Union (EU), you will only need to show your ID or passport at the airport control. In case your country does not belong to the EU it is advisable to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Italian Embassy, ​​to know the required documents and if it is necessary to obtain a visa.
Another of the best tips for a travel to Italia or to any country of the European Union is to bring the European Health Card with which you will have free assistance in public hospitals. If you are not an EU citizen or want to have more coverage to avoid having to pay in cases of for example a repatriation, it is very advisable to have the best travel insurance to Europe possible.

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If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 essential tips for traveling to Italy, add yours in the comments.