Step by step travel guide to London - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

London travel guide

With this London travel guide step by step We want to help you organize and prepare your trip, in the easiest and fastest way, so that you can also enjoy the city to the fullest.
Known to many for being one of the most visited cities in the world, besides being the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom, London is a cosmopolitan city, which rarely sleeps, in which diversity is the order of the day.

We assure you that making a trip to London is always a great success. Whatever the time and whatever the duration.
So if it was your choice, get ready to enjoy one of the most amazing cities in the world!

After having traveled several times, the first for 10 days, several years ago and repeating the trip to London in 6 days a couple of years ago, we have now decided to return to the city, but to enjoy it little by little for a month .
On this occasion we will stay in the charming Notting Hill, our favorite area of ​​London, from where we will discover the city to update and expand the information on this London travel guide step by step.

When to travel

Although as it happens in many European cities, we could say that any time is good to make a getaway to londonThere are certain important nuances that you should keep in mind if you want to enjoy the city to the fullest.

  • High season: Between the months of June and mid-September, these are the months in which they travel more tourist to London, prices are higher, but also the weather is usually better, including warmer days and with less rainfall .
    Another time that is included in the high season is the Christmas period, at which time the city is adorned with lights and trees to live these days in the most magical way.
  • Mid season: Spring and autumn are times when rains and gray skies are usually more present, although there are also fewer tourists and prices are usually more adjusted. If you don't mind getting to know the city with certain risk of rainfall, without a doubt, travel to London At this time it is a success.
  • Low season: The months covered by winter are the most hard for visit london. With low temperatures, usual rainfall and even snow, January and February would be the least recommended months to make a trip to london.