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Visit the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand

Day 9: Visit the Waitomo Caves: Ruakuri Cave and Glowworm Cave - Lake Taupo

Waitomo Caves

Known for being the home of glowworms or luminous worms, Waitomo Caves are the ideal place to see these strange insects in New Zealand. They are not the only one in the country, since there are other areas where they can be seen as the Kawiti Caves, which we go through when visiting Cabo Reinga, but it is here that they concentrate most of them, in a relatively small space, which also It is the roof of a cave, making the experience of this visit truly unforgettable, by feeling under a starry sky, which are really glowworms.

In our case, before going, we read a lot about the subject and found opinions for all tastes. Travelers who have been excited about this visit and others who have found it short, there are three variants of tours that we will talk about later, and others who prefer to see them for free in one of the locations in New Zealand, such as the Kauro Coast Top 10 Holiday Park, where we stayed after making the route through the places to see in Northland and lived an unforgettable experience.
Despite what we say, visiting Waitomo Caves allows you to see thousands of them on the roof, something that we did not live for a moment in Northland, where we could only see a dozen on a wall.
It is for this reason that Waitomo has become part of the list of essential places to see in New Zealand, since the experience of the 45-minute boat tour was really impressive and unforgettable.

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