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Brussels in two days

This Brussels guide in two days It will help you prepare a getaway to this quiet Belgian city, making the most of your time.
The historic center of Brussels has in the beautiful Grand Place its great jewel and the starting point of the walking routes that pass through all the interesting corners of the city. Visit some of its museums, relax in the well-kept parks, enter old churches, buy in beautiful galleries, eat a delicious waffle or taste its famous craft beer, are some of the experiences that you can not miss in the known as capital of Europe.
Although a weekend is perfect for visiting Brussels, if you have more time we recommend you get by train to some of the jewels of Belgium like Ghent, Bruges or Antwerp.

Based on the experience of our two trips to the Belgian capital, the first one is combined with Bruges and the second with Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp, we have made this guide to know what best of Brussels in 2 days. We start!

How to get from Brussels airport to downtown or to the hotel

There are two airports where most travelers who want to visit Brussels land: Charleroi Airport and Brussels Zaventem Airport. In Zaventem, located 15 kilometers from the city, the majority of large companies operate, while Charleroi, located 55 kilometers, is used by several low-cost companies such as Ryanair.
The best ways to go from the airport to the center of Brussels or your hotel are:

  • Train: it is the fastest way to reach Brussels central, south and north stations from Zaventem airport, taking only 15 minutes. The price of the journey is 9 euros and the frequency is about 10 minutes.
  • Bus: Lines 12 and 21 of Zaventem will take you to the center for 4.5 euros. At Charleroi airport you have the FlibCo bus companies that will take you to Brussels-Midi or South station in one hour for 17 euros.
    Another good option from Charleroi is to take the Airport Express bus to the Charleroi train station which takes 20 minutes. From this station you can take a train in the direction of Antwerp that will take you to the three main stations in Brussels in one hour. From these stations you have several metro and train lines to get closer to your hotel.
  • Private transport: It is the most comfortable option, since a driver will wait for you at the airport with a sign with your name, which will take you directly to the door of your hotel. You can book it here.
  • Cab: For a price of about 45 euros, you will find it more expensive and less comfortable than private transport.

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Recommended accommodation in Brussels

Our recommended accommodation to get to know Brussels in a weekend or two days is the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi, located next to the Midi or South Station and 15 minutes walk from the historic center. In addition to its good location, which allows you to make train trips to other Belgian cities, it has a 24-hour reception and a full breakfast.
If you want to stay closer to the center you can use this search engine to find the best hotel at the best price.

Tips for Brussels

  • It is highly recommended to know the history of the city and not miss anything important, book this free tour of Brussels Free! and this alternative free tour that goes through less touristy places, both with a guide in Spanish.
  • The price of the transport ticket is 2.10 euros, 10 tickets cost 14 euros and a day ticket 7.5 euros, all are valid for the subway, bus and tram.
  • If you have little time you can book the tourist bus that stops at all points of interest in the historic center and also in those that are further away such as the European Parliament and Atomium.
  • In addition to trying waffles of all kinds, we recommend you order in some restaurant the traditional mussels with potatoes and delight the palate with the famous Belgian chocolate.
  • If you do not want to pay commissions when withdrawing money from ATMs and always have the current exchange, we recommend using the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to get money, our two favorite cards for travel.
    You can find much more information in the post of the best cards to travel without commissions.
  • If you have a tight budget and do not want to get any surprises, check the prices of the menus, especially in the restaurants of the center, since these are usually the most expensive.

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First day of Brussels in 2 days

The route of the first day of Brussels in two days Start at the impressive Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the world and one of the essential places to visit in Brussels. Arriving early in the morning you will enjoy this square and its magnificent historical buildings such as the Hotel de Ville, Le Piegeon, the Maison du Roi, the Maison des Ducs de Brabant and the guild houses, in a quieter way. As a curiosity in numbers 26 and 27 of La Grand Place, Victor Hugo stayed.

Map of the second day of Brussels in 2 days