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How to go from Holbox to Cancun

Day 44: How to go from Holbox to Cancun - Barcelona

Directly from the reception of the Holbox Dream Beach Hotel they ask us for a taxi, a golf cart, like the one that brought us here days ago, which for 30 pesos leaves us in the ferry area, the only way to get to and from the island , as we told in the post of the tips and what to see and do in Holbox.
We arrive at the jetty area when it is 9:45, so we are on time to catch the 5 Brothers ferry that leaves at 10 and on time, under a threatening sky, we start the way back, to go from Holbox to Cancun, returning to Chiquilá, after a journey of 40 minutes, return to be on the mainland, where we return to travel the 100 meters that separate us from the parking lot of Chiquilá where 7 days ago we left our rental car in Mexico.

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