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What to see and do in Holbox

In this post we want to make a comprehensive summary about what to see and do in HolboxIn addition to giving you recommendations and tips to enjoy this incredible paradise to the fullest, we have been fortunate to live on the trip to Mexico in 45 days and that has become for us one of the essential places to visit in Mexico.
Having been several days on the island and finding that it is not too interesting to make a daily summary of our stay, since at many times of the day we only relax, we have thought that it is best to choose to make a summary of the days of our stay, explaining the things to do in Holbox that we liked the most and that we believe, are more interesting.

How to go to Holbox

Going to Holbox is much easier than it may seem initially, although you cannot access the island by car, since motor vehicles are not allowed.
To get to Holbox it is necessary to get to Chiquilá, from where you must take a ferry that will leave you on the incredible island of Holbox in 30 minutes.

The total time spent in sections on the route are: Tulum-Playa del Carmen (1h) - Playa del Carmen-Chiquilá (1: 15h) - Chiquilá-Holbox (30-minute ferry)

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Map of the route to follow to know how to get to Holbox from Tulum

Best time to travel to Holbox

We could say without fear of being wrong that any time is good to go to Holbox, although depending on the things you want to do, it is more convenient to plan the trip in one month or another.
We made the trip to Mexico for free in the month of January and we found days with average temperatures of 20-25 degrees, although in the mornings and nights, the weather cooled down lowering temperatures to 13 degrees.

The weather, although unpredictable, respected us a lot, having the 6 days that we were intervals of sun and clouds, including a couple of days of rain.

Punta Mosquitos

Another of the things to see and do in Holbox that you can't miss is going to Punta Mosquitos. Although somewhat further away than Punta Cocos from the town of Holbox, it is also easily reachable on foot, although many people rent a golf cart or a bike to get there.
In case of valuing this option, it must be taken into account that the last section of the road must be done on foot and in case you do it on the beach, if there is high tide, you must get into the water up to the knee.

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