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New York guide in one day

New York is a huge city, depending on the time we have, it is important to become a guide with the best route to not miss anything that includes some of the many things to see and do in New York, that will make us know and approach to the city, both to its most touristic part and to its least known places.
In this case we propose a route through New York in one day, ideal if you only have one day in the Big Apple or do a long stopover of 1 day in New York on any of your flights.

Requirements to travel to New York

The first step before traveling to New York is to take out the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), a mandatory electronic form for traveling to the United States and New York.
The best and cheapest way to process it is through the official website, where after choosing the language, you only have to click on “New request”And follow the steps. The price is $ 14 per person and is valid for two years.

How to go from the airport to downtown New York

Most flights land at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Once here you have several options to get from the airport to downtown New York or to the hotel:

  • Air Train + Metro: This is the cheapest option. The price is $ 7.75 that is paid upon arrival at the subway station (before you must take the Air train which is freeuntil you reach the subway station. If you go to the Midtown (Times Square area) you must go to Jamaica Station and then take the subway line that leaves you closer to the accommodation. Initially it may seem a bit messy, but it only takes a few minutes to get the map of the subway lines and understand the lines and their routes.
  • Cab: A more comfortable option with a good price, especially if you travel with more people. The price is approximately $ 52 plus tolls and tips, so the whole trip will be about $ 75.
  • Private transport: With an approximate price to the taxi, this is the most comfortable option of all and faster. Being a service door to doorThey wait for you at the airport and take you directly to the chosen hotel or destination. Being a closed price you will avoid over costs and you can also book the round trip. You can book it here.

Save in New York

There are several cards that allow you to enjoy discounts and save time by skipping the lines of the most important attractions in New York.
- Booking the New York Explorer Pass allows you to enter 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 of the main attractions with great flexibility being able to choose the tickets among the 58 available attractions, until the last minute.
Extended information in this post about the New York Explorer Pass: how it works, what it includes and prices.
- Booking the CityPass will allow you to enter 6 of the most visited attractions in New York at a price 42% cheaper.
More information in this post about the New York CityPASS: how it works, what it includes and prices.
- Booking the New York Pass allows you to enter more than 80 attractions in New York, you can take the 1,2,3,5,7 or 10 days.
You can complete the information with this post about the New York Pass: how it works, what it includes and prices.
- If you do not want to pay commissions when taking money from New York ATMs and always having the current exchange, we recommend using the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to take money, our two favorite cards for travel.
You can find much more information in the post of the best cards to travel without commissions.
- If you want to have internet in New York, a good option is to buy a Holafly SIM card, with which you will have internet from the moment you land, several GB of data, keeping your WhatsApp number and support service in Spanish. You can buy your Holafly prepaid SIM card here with a 5% discount for being our reader.

For more recommendations you can consult this post of tips for traveling to New York essential.

New York guide in one day

Times Square is the area where we recommend staying if you are also going to spend the night in the city. Although it is a bit more expensive than the other areas of the Big Apple, the advantages of having the most tourist places nearby, more than compensates, especially when we have a few days to get to know the city. On the trip to New York in 11 days, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Times Square, right in the center, with stunning views of the Empire State Building from the last floors, which was one of the greatest successes of the trip.

Having little time, in this New York route in 1 day We will focus on the Midtown area, located in the center of the island of Manhattan, which is the most tourist area of ​​the city and the perfect place to have a first view of New York and to know the most emblematic places.
A good option if it is your first time in the city and you have little time is to book this one-day guided tour in Spanish to see some of the most interesting places in the city knowing its history and curiosities.

Times Square at night

And after this tour of New York in 1 dayYou can't do anything but look for a good place to have dinner. Being a one-day visit, we would recommend you go to some tourist place, one of the best known as Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump or Planet Hollywood, which although they are not better in quality they are the best options for live The whole city.

If you are going to spend the night in the city or your plane leaves at dawn, one of the things you can do is go to Madison Square Garden to see a New York Knicks NBA game. It is advisable to reserve the ticket in time as they sell out quite quickly. A good option to do so is through Ticketnetwork.
Another good plan is to go see a Broadway musical. In the end we decided on Aladdin, one of the most recommended and we have to say that we loved it. Other of the best Broadway shows They are: The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Blue Man Group, Cats, Wicked, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chicago, Anastasia or School of Rock
We do not want to finish this article without saying that we understand how complicated it is to choose the visits to do if you only have 1 day in New York, especially considering that there are so many trips as travelers and that everything depends on the tastes of each person, although we think that this one we leave you can be a good route for a first contact with the city, with which we are sure , you will only say goodbye to the city with an idea in mind: come back as soon as possible.
If you have another day you can consult this guide in New York in two days.