What to see on Lake Como - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

What to see on Lake Como

Day 2: Milan - What to see on Lake Como: Villa Balbianello - Lenno - Bellagio - Brienno - Cernobbio - Como

After a rather scarce breakfast, we collect our bags, check out and go straight to wait for the free shuttle offered by the hotel and the one we arrived with yesterday, but directly tell us that they are all full, since only one leaves each Half an hour, which can accommodate 8 people and that unfortunately last night did not notify us. The only option we have left is to wait until 10:30 that can make us a hole or go by taxi to the airport, something that kindly They offer to manage us. Logically we are not like to stay here for 3 more hours, so we tell you to call a taxi to take us to the airport, which is only 5 minutes away, something that will charge us 25 euros according to the nice Reception girl. It is clear that the service of this 4-star hotel, located next to the airport and that supposedly offers all the comforts based on that, is not as much as they paint it, right?
The surprise we got when a normal car appears at 10 minutes, not a taxi as we requested and we had stressed, private hotel service. Given the time it is and with the little desire we have to discuss, we ride the cab commenting on the move and arriving at the T2 of the Milan airport in 5 minutes and charging us at the end 20 euros instead of the 25 that the girl had told us. The truth is that the hotel itself is a good option if you have to stay one night near the airport and more considering the prices of the other hotels in the area, although the services can not say that they live up to what is You can expect from a chain like this.

Once inside the terminal we get a new surprise. Our flight arrived at T2 and it turns out that Hertz, the car rental company in Milan, is on T1, so we have to take a free bus to transfer between terminals and finally pick up the car that we It will take about 45 minutes to Como, where our trip to Lake Como will begin in 4 days.
In the end we arrive at the car rental office when they are almost 9 in the morning, and after queuing for more than 30 minutes, the truth is caused by bad organization, and do all the paperwork and photos to the car so as not to have any surprises at the time of the return, finally we start to Lake Como, which is our destination for the next few days.

We connect our new GPS, which we had to buy since ours died After the last trip we took and that he took with us from the trip to the West Coast of the United States, to Villa Balbianello, which will be our first visit of the day and that is that the villas of this area of ​​Italy are part of the landscape of Lake Como, so we decided to visit one of the most tourist to get an idea of ​​how they are.

Something that has us a little worried is the bad weather that is expected from tomorrow, so we decided on the way that we will make a small change of plans and today we will try to make the most of the day, enjoying everything what to see on Lake Como and so if it rains tomorrow or after, at least having known the most important places. We take the highway where we pay 2.20 euros at the toll that marks the exit of Como, from where we enter the lake, starting to see what this place really is. Today we will stay in Como, but since we have a very tight day, we have already spoken with the owner of the apartment to meet directly in the evening and so check in without wasting time now that we have just arrived.