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10 amazing places to see in Asia

Asia, that continent where most travelers feel happy, that place that hooks and where we all want to return sooner rather than later. That corner of the world that is an explosion of colors, flavors, smells and sensations, often difficult to explain. Asia, that name to which we assure you, you will be bound forever once you have set foot in it. Although any place you visit will always be a success we leave you a selection of 10 amazing places to see in Asia.

1- Taj Mahal. India

A tear on the cheek of time, that's what they call the most beautiful monument built for love. We will not be the ones who deny such an affirmation and it is that any adjective, as it may seem like it, falls short when you are facing this incredible work of the human being. The Taj Mahal is amazing, majestic, extremely beautiful to grate the obscene at times like sunrise or sunset. We advise you not to stay only with the most typical view. Approach when the sun is about to set on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River and you can enjoy unique views of the mausoleum.

2- The Great Wall. China

With 21196 kilometers long, 6 to 7 meters high and 4 to 5 meters wide, the Great Wall of China is a symbol not only of the country, but also of the world and there is no traveler who has not dreamed any Once with stepping on it.
We recommend that you flee from the areas closest to Beijing, such as Badaling, which can be quite touristy and encourage you to enter the Great Wall through one of its less restored sections, such as the Jinshanling or Simatai area, between which you can do a trekking, quite arduous but that will leave some images that will never be erased from your retinas.

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